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Computer Help for Small Businesses

EFP Technology Solutions' goal is to give small business owners the help they need to navigate 21st century technology to help them grow their businesses.

Many small business owners have the entrepreneurial skills to succeed in the marketplace, but they need help with Small Business Software and Small Business Web Sites.

Your weakness is our strength:

  1. Learning how to utilize Small Business Software such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, Google Apps, and Google Docs (see Training)
  2. Building a Small Business Web Presence (see web presence)
  3. Making data-driven decisions based on Data Collection and Data Analysis (see data analysis)
  • quick report for your boss
  • complex data analysis for a major decision
  • MAP data analysis
  • educational data analysis
  • move your existing webpage to a more affordable hosting service
  • website creation from scratch
  • website edits
  • website overhauls
  • one-on-one training
  • large group training
  • office efficiency training
  • SMART Board training
  • interactive whiteboard training
  • data analysis training

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