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Participant Responses:

Things I found most worthwhile:

  • "I coudn't narrow it down. Everything I learned was extremely helpful."
  • "Eileen's excellent handouts and teaching ability."
  • "Everything I learned because it was all new. The benefit is that I can utilize/implement all I learned."
  • "The handouts, demonstrations, and practice. Your approach is wonderful!"
  • "Many tips in Excel to show and analyze student data."
  • "Step-by-step instructions; clear directions; lots of practice and a brilliant teacher."
  • "How not everything needs to be re-entered....if you drag the information, the formula carries over!"
  • "Everything."
  • "Writing formulas and auto fill."
  • "Eileen explained Excel and made it very user friendly. I'm not willing to explore and use Excel."
  • "Handouts and Eileen's great style of teaching. She made it very understandable."
  • "She made Excel clear, now I can see the many ways Excel is able to make my job easier."

Participant Comments:

  • "Of all the Montgomery County classes I've attended, Eileen has been the best instructor as well as the most prepared and patient. I wouldn't hesitate to attend her classes again."
  • "Eileen was calm, relaxed, very detailed, organized, and polite. An excellent teacher - time went by quickly."
  • "Teacher worked slowly enough so we could all get practice."
  • I appreciate Eileen's patience and helpful suggestions to beginning computer students. I had another course with Eileen, and she did an excellent job with both courses."
  • "The class was well organized. Handouts were provided with examples and instructions for the class."
  • "I found this course to be very informative and interesting. Mrs. Fernandez-Parker has a wonderful teaching style that makes technology enjoyable. I appreciate the easy to follow handouts provided."
  • "Great"
  • "The handouts are wonderful! They will enable me to work independently. Thank you, Eileen. You are a master teacher!"
  • "It was perfect! She is the best helpful, supportive, funny - the hours just flew by."
  • "Very informative and useful."
  • "I would take any classes she teaches because she is so organized."

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